Familiar with the alchemy of the rainbow

Emotions flow through my body

Dancing with the wind in my hair

Connected to the earth

Natural in being



Some days I just love to BE, other days I have five ideas at once and I'm more in the doer energy. I want to implement and create. The art is to find a balance between these two poles. This creates a creative flow for me. It is a constant process of getting to know yourself, developing, reinventing and exploring all facets of my being. Creative tools like painting support me in this process. I see myself as a channel for creativity, creation and beauty into the world.



I would like to accompany people and families to come into their power, into their passion, into their hearts and inflame a fire. Encourage them to choose and walk their very own authentic path. As an individual and in the community as a family. So much is possible if we are honest with ourselves, perceive our desires and longings and dare to take a step into the unknown. I would like to accompany you on this path, I have walked every single step. 


As a space holder, I open up a safe space for you and you can immerse yourself in your emotional world. All feelings are welcome, even if sometimes we don't want to feel them. Perceiving all my feelings, seeing them and accepting them - from fear, anger, sadness to joy, gave me my inner freedom. I want to encourage you to feel your emotions and give you creative tools on your way so you can surf the waves of life.


I want to invite you to let more creativity flow into your life.

In the form of various workshops in the field of dance/movement for adults and children. In accompanied coaching sessions over different periods of time and in the form of my creative self-expression in my art.



Do you know what I believe in? That if every person is allowed to live their potential, their gifts, their essence right from the beginning. He is allowed to shine in his deepest core, in his essence. The world would be a more peaceful place. There would be less jealousy, power struggles and comparing each other. Less sicknesses. But more individuality, more acceptance, more colors and more joy.


If every child is seen from the beginning and is supported in their strengths, in their creativity and is accompanied in their feelings - as an adult they are still connected to their inner nature and so also to their outer nature. We would have to flee less into consumption and distraction. Would recognize and honor the beauty of nature within and around us. Would create and celebrate the beauty of life. We would see that we are here together, connected and able to shape a different world.


Our children are the future, what we give them and plant - is the future of our world. Let them be free, be creative and feel seen, held and supported in their feelings. Letting go of old beliefs, as it should be and what is normal for a child. Every child is different! Let our children be the guide for a healthy future.


my path

Sabrina Stutz

born in Schlieren/Zurich.


In 2004 I started my apprenticeship as a tailor at Modeco Zurich. The brave tailor made her way.


2007/2009 studies at the STF Zurich as a fashion designer. After my apprenticeship, I was drawn to colorful Berlin. There I completed two internships with Esther Perbandt and Kilian Kerner.


In 2010 I worked in LDN for the "Queen of Punk" Vivienne Westwood for a few months. A lifelong dream came true!  And yet I asked myself: Is that all? Many questions about the meaning of life came up during this time and I wanted to immerse myself into the depths of life.


In 2012 I traveled to India. A life-changing journey that set the course for my further path. Yoga and meditation came into my life.


2014/18 study as a dance and movement therapist. Now I was drawn in a different direction and I worked in nursing as a private assistant and as a class assistant at a school for children with special needs. I really enjoyed working with the children and young people. 

To create something creative with them, whether in movement or in painting. My life became more colorful and freer in many other aspects as well. I found my expression in painting. Own projects as well, as projects with other artists were created.


2019 was the year of the biggest change - I became a mother. 


In 2020/2021 I spent a few months at one of my power places - in the Canary Islands. There I gathered inspiration for my further path as an artist and dance therapist.


2022 Step by step into self-employment. I completed a business coaching with my mentor Irina Katinka Horvath, who paved the way for me to start my own business.


2023 The new art and awareness project "Pluztik People" was born in Lanzarote in collaboration with Álvaro Guzmàn, the metamorphosis Photo project with David Shilham, my new Homepage is out and some juicy new workshops are coming this year in Zurich.



2022               Lomi Lomi Massage

2014 - 2016   Dance and Movement Therapist / iac Zurich

2007 - 2009   Fashion Designer / STF Zurich

2004 - 2007   Tailor / Modeco Zurich

Further training:


Beyond Limits / Business Mentorship Irina Katinka Horvath

Intuitive painting / Thomas Lüchinger

Process Theater / Madeleine Rhyner & Jacqueline Waser





Photo Credits

David Shilham 

Sabrina Stutz