A Creatrix is a women who is deeply connected to herself as a Woman and her Feminine Source of Creative power.  She gives rise to desires, gives birth to ideas and life of all kinds.  She dreams courageously and trust so deeply in the intrinsic creative connection she shares with the Divine and the Natural World. She nurtures herself, those around her and the planet. She is the guardian and protector of the magical essence of life.  She understands that without darkness there is no light.  Without the powerful presence of the masculine in our world there is no wholeness. To be a Master Creatrix she accepts the power of owning her shadow side and being vulnerable is the superpower of living freely, fully and creatively.  


A Creatrix has a deep connection to the moon cycles, and honours her bodies cues for restoration and healing.  She desires to be in communion with all of life.  From birds, to animals, to plant life as she understand that we all are one.  She moves through the world with a sweet quality of Relaxed Nurturance.  She is wildly creative in the sway of her hips, the way her hair moves through the wind and she understands all that is happening in her life is happening for her not against her.  Even the greatest of challenges. 


She takes great care of her body, her mind and her soul. She takes time to practice Dance and Movement, Meditation, Yoga, Painting and whatever lights her up at any given time. She nurtures her creativity and expresses it freely, as she isn't rigid or controlling.  She Flows, oh how she Flows. She isn't attached to anything but is so connected to everything.  The Sun shines through her.  The Fire of Transformation lives within her. She is breathed by the Mother Divine that gives life to everything, she never, ever ends.  She is everywhere, in everything! And she my dear, is YOU. . .




Photo Credits

David Shilham 

Sabrina Stutz