Authentic journey experience

You embark on an inner journey to your feelings, body perceptions and thoughts. To your innerst self! Explore your body and your feelings curiously in depth - every single cell of it.



Movement in depth


You follow your impulses and give them an expression on the outside. Allow yourself to be curious and to explore openly - what is in this moment and give space to what wants to show and unfold on the outside.


The Authentic Journey consists of elements from Authentic Movement Practice - an expressive improvisational movement practice by Mary Starks Whitehouse. This supports you to perceive your body sensations, your thoughts and your feelings in the present moment. Surrender to the flow of your impulses that arise from within you and express them through movement. In this way the most unconscious is embodied, felt and seen. In addition, elements from dance therapy flows into the practice, accompanied by painting, voice and breath.


In a non-judgmental space we explore our authentic being and our natural movements. Get to know our body sensations and feelings in depth. For people who want to give their feelings a creative expression, dive deep into their being, are curious and want more freedom for their movement space, body and emotional expression.



This offer is for you:


You want to express your feelings creatively.

Dive deep into your essence and being.

Discover and explore new things.

You want more freedom for your movement, body and emotional expression.


Book  a 90-minute Authentic Journey Experience for your team event, a festival, an occasion or your studio. 


90 Minute

Fr. 320.-



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                                        90 Minute

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